Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Customize White Balance DSLR Camera

How to Customize White Balance DSLR Camera - This question will arise if we would shoot with complex lighting. Is the photographer able to overcome this? This post is a continuation of the post White Balance in Photography.

Some cameras, especially SLR and prosumer, provides manual white balance setting. Manual settings are the most accurate if we are confused by our light source color temperature. This usually occurs in a photo shoot with a more complex light sources (more than one type of color temperature). So the custom White Balance is the right way to solve this complex lighting.

Customize White Balance DSLR Camera 1.jpg

Here's how to customize white balance correctly:
  • Look for the white paper, white shirt, white walls, or any other with white color. If the white stuff is not available, you can use the gray matter.
  • Place the paper or something white / gray so that lighted by the complex light where you will be photographing. Position the camera so that the paper fills the entire frame photos. (see picture above)
  • Set White Balance in custom or manual mode, set the focus in manual focus position, then take a metering. Keep impartial exposure (not under but not over-exposure). Then photograph paper or object. The camera will detect the white and store the temperature, confirmation will appear on the camera's LCD screen when the settings are OK.
  • The next step is to put a picture as the standard for white balance setting:
Customize White Balance DSLR Camera 2.jpg
1. Canon camera settings (Canon 60D):
  • Press the Menu button, use the Main Dial to lead to the Shooting Menu tab. Highlight Custom White Balance, and then press Set.
  • Use the Quick Control Dial, highlight the photo you just took, press Set and then Ok.
2. Nikon camera settings (Nikon D3100): 
  • Search White Balance menu. Select the Preset Manual.
  • Select the Use Photo. It would appear that you have a recent photo taken. Select Image Select, then Ok.
An easier way is to use an accurate and additional accessories called expodisc or kenko, prices range from US$80 to US$150.

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